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About Us

Who we are and what we value

Mission and Vision

Sixth Line Studios is dedicated to producing excellent work for its audiences and being deeply kind to its artists.  

We believe in fostering excellent communication between staff and visiting artists during the creative process.   We are committed to meeting the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical needs of our short term visiting artistic teams as well as our long term administrative staff.  

Our strong artistic commitment is to making work that inspires, challenges and awakens our audiences all within a context of safety and inclusion. 

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With our talkbacks, classes and lectures we foster intelligent, educated, inclusive conversations within the community, using the shows we make as jumping off points for these conversations.  

We are committed to equity and inclusion across the race and gender spectrums and will illustrate this with our hiring practices, play selection process, and topics for discussion in our community events. 

We see theater as a doorway to difficult and potentially life-changing, heart-opening, and connective conversations between individuals.

Meet our Staff

Katie Rubin

Artistic Director

Katie has an MFA and a BA in Acting from UC Davis and Amherst College.  Her first solo work, “Insides OUT!” received a nine week Equity run at The Sacramento Theater Company in March, 2006, and then toured nationally to over 100 venues for 8 years.  Since then, she has created 4 more solo pieces, 3 of which were commissioned by Capital Stage in 2010, 2014 and 2018 respectively, and each of which have received repeated Equity Productions at various professional theaters.  Her 6th solo piece is currently on contract to be written for a production with Capital Stage in July of 2018.  


She also tours her Stand Up Comedy to Comedy Clubs, Theaters and Events around the world. She has written 3 hours of Stand Up, a screenplay, a TV pilot, 3 full-length plays on commission, and has taught 10 rounds of "Tell Your Story." Her writing students are authors, playwrights, solo show performers, comics, sketch writers, bloggers, and screenwriters.


 See the Classes page for more information and to sign up for one of Katie's classes. Katie has also played leading roles in more than 20 professional regional theatrical productions.  

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