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Early/mid- 20's. 
An aspiring revolutionary

BEN. The Next Stage

JEFFREY. (Sounds familiar.) The Next Stage …

BEN. That's what they're calling their simple, devastating plan to take the rest of the pie. What if I told you I knew what that devastating plan was?


JEFFREY. What's the devastating plan?

BEN. "Politicians" are being bought and installed. Media outlets are being placed under singular control. Total Information Awareness of the populace has been achieved. And a well-stocked militia is quietly being trained at an underground base in Broken Bow. And then, after the next "election," when everything is in place …

Ben grabs the rest of Jefrey's cookie and crumbles it up. 

JEFFREY. Hey now.

BEN. Checks and balances gone. Government, money, material objects and minds — Everything under Organization control. Nebraska, overnight, will become ... a Totalitarian regime.


JEFFREY. A Totalitarian regime?

BEN. Yeah.

JEFFREY. Really. 

BEN. Yeah.


JEFFREY. In Nebraska. 

BEN. You think it's a coincidence that Nebraska is the state where Kool-Aid was invented?

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